Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mango Summer 2012 Collection

Urban Fashion Summer 2012

Urban Fashion Mango Summer 2012

urban fashion raises with the arrival of summer and allows to give a slip in its tendencies, making costumes that we use when we go on vacation to the coast, now become common attire seen in the city, which is great, because at least we can feel that we are on another side. See the best of urban fashion of Mango, summer 2012.
The second picture says a lot, about the profile of women find this costume; girl with class, good lovers of style, elegance, but at the same time with Aires that produces greater appeal, at the same time forget the elegant poses, and do not have a problem with gala dress, walking on the floor crossed his legs and provocative

The casual segment is very quiet, simple, clothes quite loose and subtle flashes of colors. Long denim, blouses of fallen neck, t-shirts printed, floral, polka dot, among other things.
If in every day, like ya have the eyes of everyone, because it could opt for a series of informal dresses, long and short skirts, or even balgha, giving a clearly more striking look to every woman.
Fiesta is a very striking segment, characterized by the waist skirts, blouses, shirts stamped, or even in some cases, such as one-piece dresses accompanied by.
As it will be seen, in this magnificent session photographs of the model Magdalena Frackowiak, many small bags of garish colors will be waiting that you choose yours, to begin to look down the street as soon as possible.