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Compact hybrid Toyota Aqua unveiled

The 1496cc Atkinson engine uses cooled exhaust-gas recirculation and a battery-powered water pump to reduce friction and belt losses. The electric motor, control unit and transmission form one unit, mounted low down in the engine bay, while the heavy nickel-metal hydride battery is under the rear seat to help keep the centre of gravity as low as possible and still allow for a 305-litre boot.

The Aqua has a selectable battery-only mode but Toyota doesn't quote its range, or the capacity of the battery, so it's unlikely to be more than a couple of kilometres.

Using both power sources, the Aqua will hit 100km/h in 10.7 seconds from standstill and, more importantly in the real world, accelerate from 40-70km/h in 3.6 seconds.

ABS with electronic brakeforce distribution and brake assist, and an electronic stability programme with traction control and hill hold, are standard, as is auto aircon, with an electric compressor, so the system can run even with the car switched off.

The strikingly geometric dashboard layout has colour-coded switchgear with a liquid-crystal display providing a variety of eco-driving information, such as Eco Judge (which ranks your driving on a 100-point scale) and Eco Wallet, which shows money saved as compared with other levels of fuel efficiency.

The Aqua is also available with TRD and Modellista packages; the TRD set-up includes a new front bumper with lower apron and LED running lights, side skirts, new rear bumper with diffuser, special rims, firmer damping and a special stainless-steel exhaust system with dual tailpipes.
Toyota has launched a new hybrid car in Japan that is aimed at the Honda Fit. The hybrid is called the Toyota Aqua in Japan and when it makes its way to the US the hybrid will be called the Prius C. The car will hit the US as a 2013 model. Toyota is claiming some really big fuel economy figures for the car at 83mpg. That is on par with some EVs that are out there.

The car is also inexpensive with a price in Japan working out to $21,793 in the US. In Japan, the car racked up 83mpg on the JC08 test cycle and 94mpg on the official 10-15 test cycle. The car has a small 1.5L 4-cylinder engine under the hood with 72hp. The car uses an electric motor rated at 45kw giving the vehicle a combined power output of 98hp.

The small car will accelerate from 0-60 in 10.7 seconds. The battery inside the car is a nickel metal hydride pack. Toyota hopes to sell 12,000 Aquas monthly at home. The car will come in three versions dubbed the L, S, and G. The high-end version will sell for $23,756. There will be a TRD sporty version of the Aqua too with a body kit, lowered suspension, larger wheels and more.

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Amanda seyfried on - stage - magazinecovers - street style.

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Maxi skirts fashion – Will Maxi skirts strikes in 2012?

Fashion produces attractive things which always become ugly with time. And after a while the same thing will be attracted”. Maxi skirts are of that kind. They are very popular in end of 80’s and faded lately. But now it’s coming live again.

Maxi skirts are trendy even today, because of the head-to-toe elegance they can provide. These are the perfect choice for Fall/Autumn. And recently many celebrities were spotted in maxi skirts.

They are really comfortable to wear around. When anyone decides to wear these skirts, the question is whether to use boot or sandal. It depends on how the skirt looks like. If it's got a lot of volume, you can wear it with boots since its almost autumn, or with something kind of chunky. And if you have wide hip, So that wear a long skirt with a lot of volume, then you need to wear more substantial shoes. Otherwise, your lower half just looks ridiculous. But if somebody doesn't have those problems, other options may work better for them.

And height might not be the fact for not to wearing maxi skirts, I have hearted it from few,

“I’m really starting to like maxi skirts, but I’m afraid they will make me look too shorter.”  It is not hard to pull off. Just adjust it with high boot. And you will feel better with these skirts. And please don’t cut at its bottom since it takes off the skirts complete elegance.

And let’s see whether maxi skirts make a good comeback in 2012. Thank you.


1986 Range Rover 3.5L V8 Restoration thread

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Globalization of fashion – just think about it.

   Now a day’s almost everyone cares a lot about their appearances and dressing. But in depth, today’s fashion is definitely becoming homogeneous (simply westernizing). This may be partially due to the impact of media ... TV, movies, and the internet. And also because of western societies colonizing a lot of far places and spreading all over the world. And people blindly love their way of dressing and fashion trends, with thinking about their climatic conditions, money value, regional tradition etc...

   Fashion is evolving, but not in varieties of trends... just the opposite. It's becoming one big planet, with everyone dressing pretty much unique. Perhaps it takes time till the trends arrive here, but I observed that the clothes sold in stores were very similar to the one I saw in the other continents... and on the streets, the same. It was even alarming; you know the whole globalization phenomenon is out there; think of how the world's becoming trendy uniform.

  Rebecca Taylor a fashion designer - “We used to design for each market, but now what's popular in the US is popular in Asia.”

  The globalization of fashion diminishes individual style and dressing trend. Anyone can just wear the latest trends, it takes nearly no style or imagination to do that... I think that, if it continues in such way, where everyone is dressing so much alike all over the world, there will be a big influx of very unique personal style and after two centuries, people can’t figure out their region’s trend, dressing style; just everything will be unique (western).

  Please try to be unique of your own style and create your own trend which adapts your climate, some what your regions traditions etc...

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2012 Nissan GT-R Licensed To Thrill

Nissan GT-R. These 2 words can make most auto enthusiasts skip a beat, yes, the GT-R is one of the fastest road cars in the world and has proved itself on the epic Nurburgring circuit in Germany. Producing a mammoth 530 Bhp of power, the GT-R is lightning quick and at the same time can be driven by almost anyone, you need not be a race driver to drive it. Sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it? Well, thats exactly the point, the GT-R is an engineering masterpiece.

The GT-R’s design is very Japanese and has been inspired by video games. If you go back and think of all the cars you have raced in the hundreds of video games in the past, the GT-R’s design will suddenly look very familiar. The beauty of this car is that it can be driven anywhere under any condition, you don’t always have to be on the track. The speed is electronically limited for the city roads but once you get to a track, the GPS will detect this and unleash the entire 530 horses to your disposal. Notice the air intakes on the hood. Airflow to the engine has been vastly improved in the newer version.

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Dsquared² Resort 2012 Collection

Don't be afraid to clash colors the upcoming warm season! Take a look at the new Dsquared² Resort 2012 Collection, draw your inspiration and get ready to put together outstanding ensembles

We are definitely head-over-heels with the new Dsquared² resort 2012 collection. Having a nostalgic '70s-inspired vibe yet with an edgy modern twist, the line is rife with covetable pieces that appeal to your more casual, effortlessly hip style. From flare pants and towering platforms to sexy shorts, dresses and skirts, the famous brand provides wearable, versatile goodies for you to flaunt your fashion credentials.

Take a closer look at the Dsquared² resort 2012 collection and draw your inspiration for the upcoming warm season. Think nude and brown mixed with punchy shades of orange, pink, blue, green and yellow. Be brave and dare to stand out from the crowd! Our ultimate crush? A super-stylish three-colored trench coat that takes color-blocking to a whole new dimension. Absolutely fabulous and a real showstopper

There is a parade of brilliant beauties in the Canadian duo's line. Lots of utterly functional pieces that will keep you looking chic and cool all season long and beyond. Cardigans, leather jackets, trench coats, blazers, denim shirts, high-waist flare pants, ladylike skirts and dresses, crisp white shirts, and lovely shorts are standout items that will never go out of style.

Brights seem to dominate the collection yet in between one can spot a soft palette of nude and brown but also black and white. Pink, orange, blue and yellow were the major shades that were boldly matched with zebra prints and other pops of color.

The Dsquared² Resort 2012 collection also features elegant, luxurious pieces for special occasions. There are innovative takes on the simple little black dress and sophisticated, glamorous floor-skimming gowns. As for the accessories, get ready to turn heads complementing your combos with colored punchy green belts, pink scarves, wow-worthy necklaces and bracelets. And since color pop is one hot trend, why not adding a statement pair of shoes in a vibrant, eye-catching shade? Dsquared² has some great examples in this sense. Take a peek and choose your fave

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