Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adolfo Dominguez Summer 2012 Catalog

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Adolfo Dominguez Summer 2012 Catalog

One of the favorite of many firms is certainly Adolfo Dominguez, so today we wanted to present the new collection that has recently released for the summer season 2012, which is presented true to the good taste that characterizes it, although this time an innovation little in terms of cuts and colors.
Characteristics that are manifested through countless items offered, in which we find all kinds of dresses, pants, skirts, shorts, blouses, shirts and jackets, which are also possessed of a great versatility, femininity, elegance and good taste all desirable features for our outfits.

Besides that you can see extra flavor to the collection, which comes through dynamic and exquisite floral pastel hues, among which include the blue and yellow, two tone fresh and flattering.

On the other hand other details that come to add style to the collection are the lace fabric, transparencies and overlays, the latter taking over numerous skirts and dresses.

As one of the great keys of the collection display and hint, and tops are promoted, transparencies and wearing one-shoulder, all details that have taken over the fashion in the 2012 season.

For those who want more details of the collection then we invite you to visit the photo gallery that will leave you with the most relevant proposals that give life to the Summer 2012 catalog by Adolfo Dominguez.