Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Fashion Trends 2012 Drafts

Nina Dobrev
No doubt lace dresses are the big sensation of the moment, as the celebrities who are one of the main references we have about the main trends of fashion, increasingly chosen in 2012 to the most important presentations.
Victoria Justice
So much so that today we bring you photos through several examples, that although different samples ways to get the drafts dresses, all share precisely the incorporation of these details either in the back, waist, shoulders or necks since come under a variety of shapes and a huge variety of sites.

You see this detail might seem insignificant to, is one of the most effective ways to add creativity, sensuality and sophistication to the clothing if they are built with good taste.

We will now leave you some examples, next to the name of celebrity who have chosen this type of dresses.

Jennifer Lawrence
Taylor Swift
Kylie Jenner
Rooney Mara
Vanessa Hudgens
Nikki Reed
Ashley Greene
Jessica Alba