Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Summer Fashion 2013

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Spring Summer Fashion 2013

While many are thinking about summer is about to begin, many others are planning the following year either because they can not take vacations or because working in the fashion world and should be thinking about how to innovate for the coming year . With that premise is that here are some fashion trends spring summer 2013.


The mixture of old and new will at the top for another year, though of course, changing the focus. Versace has already advanced a way forward, through a collection that had H & M collaboration for implementation. Kaleidoscope prints type, very similar to those used learned in the early '80s and after more than 30 years, promise to return.

Cricket Chic

The typical clothing used for playing sport most English of all, also very similar to that used in the atmosphere of golf and polo, will now be the basis of fashion casual but formal leave. Yarn sweaters, V-, use-based white or blue, with occasional stripes in red, blue or white. As feminine detail, will be completed by finding a greater number of colors such as pastel or nude.


The striped jerseys of two colors are a simple but comprehensive trend and above all, convincing the general public. By varying the thickness of the combination, results can be conceived more delicate or more casual, but all will point to a relaxed style, characteristic of the spring summer season.

Sport Luxe

Not a look for only sports, but a profile of an active person who likes to ride in comfortable clothes, colorful, which transmit energy and to transmit an impression as the person who wears it. The fluorescent tones and curved patterns, combine to give a dynamic aspect to clothing.