Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunglasses Mango 2012

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Sunglasses Mango 2012

Spring and summer are the two seasons that the more we encourage you to step outside the rules and use bold items, clothing different, flashy stuff, full of personality and constant search of fun and of course, more attention normal. And around that idea is turning much of the collection of sunglasses that offers Mango for this 2012.
As we can see on the cover the retro style is skin deep, holding fast by Geek Chic, which has been installed which provides strong color formats and more relaxed, in shades soft, but with a lot of charisma.

Of course, not every collection is the same, but this type are those which are more fashionable. But obviously, there will be many other design options, such as extravagant models, large glasses, oval frames and sophisticated tones like animal print.
A modern trend that has taken off his glasses were fashionable last summer, these models are more rounded, which suggests very special colors, providing a relaxed character, refined and elegant city.
But for those who are looking for classic, it is noteworthy that the aviator sunglasses will continue its many options, varying sizes, shades the lens, color metal, among other things. Likewise, the classic dark glasses with plastic frame and glare will also be present, if you are looking only, sun protection.