Monday, April 30, 2012

Using Black Blazer

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How To Use Black Blazer

Today we will talk about how to use black blazer. With the same garment can create totally different styles, you just need some imagination to do so. Cheer up!

Bright Dress

The beautiful Sandra Bullock can never look bad, but here it takes several points in its favor because it has managed to combine a formal style with a touch of casual. It looks elegant, classy but without losing that youthful and fresh side that makes it so successful. This option is ideal for a cocktail at night. You just have to go with black shoes with a classic that never go out of style.

Black Skinny Jeans

There is no way to look more comfortable and easy wearing pants that fit to your figure. My personal recommendation is that the pattern or color variation is imposed on the shirt you will wear underneath. My advice ? The stripes are a very trendy concept that goes perfectly with this type of outfit for a night of bar with friends.

Maxi Skirt

Perhaps this is the latest combination of all that we raised. If you really are a girl who is aware of the latest, you know that maxi skirts are the new fashion statement. Try to be attentive to the proportions are critical. If the skirt is wide looking for the blazer is a bit more fitted to keep track of your figure.

Floral Dress

Ideal for those spring and summer seasons is a floral dress. While most of the prints will look with a blazer, the ideal is to find those with the black background for greater visual harmony. Many short and long, should always be accompanied by a short jacket.

Classic Jeans

Pippa Middleton has proved to be one of the new casual style references. When using blue jeans is more freedom. You can combine the blazer with the latter's shoes or the shirt you wear on. A few accessories that give the final touch to the look and you're ready to make all purchases necessary.